About the Project

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Museum of Ioannina (MI 1724)

Dodona Online (DOL) is a project whose purpose is to edit online the oracular tablets (lamellae) from Dodona. The primary goal remains to reedit the lamellae from the excavations of Evangelidis in the 1930s. The edition of these texts was prepared over several decades by I. Vokotopoulou, S. Dakaris and A.-P. Christidis, and was eventually published in 2013, thanks to the devoted efforts of S. Tselikas (DVC: Τα χρηστήρια ελάσματα της Δωδώνης των Ἀνασκαφών Δ. Ευαγγελίδη, The Archaeological Society at Athens Library 285 & 286, 2 vols., Athens 2013).

There are two facets to the project: a larger collaborative effort (DOL) that is currently paused, and a dynamic side-project, focussing on particular texts, the Choix d’inscriptions oraculaires de Dodone (CIOD).

We greatly welcome feedback on any aspect of the project.