DVC 1509B

Question from a Private Consultation

Description: Ex lamella 1506-1509
Dialect: Thessalian/Boiotian?
Alphabet: TBD

Date: After the introduction of the Ionic alphabet in Thessalian or Boeotian (spelling)

Findspot: Sanctuary of Zeus, 1930-1933
Original location: Dodona
Last recorded location: Museum of Ioannina, M570

Edition: Gonzalez/DOL

Text constituted from: DVC (facsimile)


DVC 1509B

Diplomatic Text





1: Traces of indistinct inscriptions in the same side of the tablet. As the inscriptions on face A show, the left end of the tablet is missing, and maybe part of the inscription is now lost. In that case, a different word-break can not be excluded (ἐν γένει ΤΑ[—]).

French translation

Est-ce possible?

English translation

Is it possible?


The spelling ει points to a Thessalian or Boeotian origin of the enquirer. DVC consider that the inscription did not continue along the lost part of the tablet (but see apparatus criticus) and do not exclude the possibility that the inscription is an affirmative answer from the oracle. In case that the text is actually complete, the subjunctive form of the verb would rather support the interpretation of the inscription as a brief enquiry regarding the existence or feasibility of something. See also 1077, 2247 and 3012, with similar formulation.