DVC 1078B

Fragment of a Private Question

Description: Ex lamella DVC 1075-1081
Dialect: Doric
Alphabet: Dodona/Local – TBD

Date: 5th-4th c. BC/TBD

Findspot: Sanctuary of Zeus, 1931
Original location: Dodona
Last recorded location: Museum of Ioannina, M446

Bibliography: DVC 1078B

Edition: I. Petrovic/DOL

Text constituted from: DVC (facsimile)

Diplomatic Text



[θεὸς τύ]χ̣αν ἀγαθάν· Κλεόξενος [—]
[—]ΣΥ̣ΝΑΟ̣ΚΕΘΟΝΤΟΣ̣ καὶ τᾶς θυ̣[σίας —]


1: 1. [θεὸς τύ]χ̣αν ἀγαθάν DVC.

2: 2. καὶ τᾶς θυ[σίας] DVC; συ̣ναο̄ κε θοντος DVC in app.

French translation

Dieu, bonne fortune. Kleoxenos (demande…) concernant… et le sacrifice (?) …

English translation

God, with good luck. Kleoxenos (asks…) concerning … and the sacrifice (?) …


Significance: The text comprises of a private question of unclear nature, but possibly relating to the appropriate form of sacrifices (requested for divine assistance?).

Dialect: Irrespective of conjectures in the second line, Doric dialect is documented by preservation of alpha in τύ]χ̣αν ἀγαθάν of line 1, and the female gen.sg. form τᾶς (unless actually acc. pl.). Form κε in (somewhat stretched) DVC emendation of l. 2 συ̣(ν)ναο̄ι κε θ(ύ)οντος, considered in the apparatus, would point towards Aeolic or Thessalian influence (J. Méndez Dosuna ad 18b). Further on possible Thessalian background, see also below, on personal name Kleoxenos.

Date: Morphology of the surviving letters allows no definite conclusions; dotted theta is attested also after fifth c. BC; two Y assumed by the editors in line 2 (ΣΥ̣; ΘΥ-) do not seem to be sharing common features.

Textual issues: On the formulaic [θεὸς τύχα]ν ἀγαθάν, see table $$$. On the personal name, see below. The second line is garbled; DVC considered reading συ̣(ν)ναō(ι) κε θ(ύ)οντος is grammatically and contextually questionable. Lamella should be inspected again.

Onomastic commentary: Kleoxenos as a personal name is well attested, and especially so in the epigraphic record of Thessaly (?). Cf. e.g. IG IX,2 9.4; IX,2 86.4 (the same person twice more); SEG 29.548.