DVC 1148A

Question from a Private Consultation concerning Travel

Description: Ex lamella XX
Dialect: Doric / NW Doric
Alphabet: Corinthian

Date: 500-450: Korinthian epsilon, for ē; aspiration marked with h-; rotundae of usual size; Y=V; ‘blue’ X=+. Cf. Lhôte 2006, Nr. 36; Mendez Dosuna 1985, 101 (s.v. Aspiración).

Findspot: Sanctuary of Zeus, 1931
Original location: Dodona
Last recorded location: Museum of Ioannina, M463

Edition: Knäpper/DOL

Text constituted from: DVC (facsimile)


DVC 1148B

Diplomatic Text



ἐ͂ τύχοιμί κα
τὰν hοδὸν̣ τ̣ούταν;


1: ἐ͂ for ē; DVC: τύχοιμ̣ί because of the difference to the supposed mu in the second line.

2: DVC: hοδὸ(ν) from ΗΟΔΟΜ̣. But the letter looks like nu with some kind of hasta/ scratch; cf. mu in l.1 where the right hasta is somewhat higher.

French translation

Vais-je réussir sur ce chemin?

English translation

Will I suceed with this course of action?

or: Will I succeed with this journey?

German translation

Werde ich auf dieser Reise erfolgreich sein?

oder: Werde ich auf diese Art und Weise erfolgreich sein?


The inscription deals with a private inquiry of an individual about the chances of success of the course of action or a journey. The question-formulary with a form of tynchanō is very familiar among the oracular inscriptions from Dodona [§§§].