DVC 1313B

Question from a Private Consultation concerning Business

Description: Ex lamella 1312-1314
Dialect: Attic
Alphabet: Attic/Koine

Date: After 400

Findspot: Sanctuary of Zeus, 1931
Original location: Dodona
Last recorded location: Museum of Ioannina, M503

Bibliography: DVC 1313B

Edition: Rosenberger/DOL

Text constituted from: DVC (facsimile)

Diplomatic Text

ΣΤΡΑΤΩΝΙ ( vac. 1 line)


Ἀριστόμαχο[ς] ἐρωτῆι πότερ-
α̣ ἐκπλέων̣ ἐργάζηται σύν


2: 2. ἐκπλέων̣: the last letter can only be a Ν, although it looks like a Γ

French translation

Aristomachos demande s’il devrait, en naviguant, travailler avec Straton.

English translation

Aristomachos asks whether he should sail out and work with Straton.

German translation

Aristomachos fragt, ob er bei der Seereise mit Straton zusammenarbeiten soll.


Cf. 206 A, where Straton asks whether he will get back the money he had lent Aristion.