DVC 2525Α

Supplementary Question from a Private Consultation concerning Health

Description: Ex lamella 2525-2528
Dialect: TBD
Alphabet: TBD

Date: Late fourth century

Findspot: Sanctuary of Zeus, 1930
Original location: Dodona
Last recorded location: Museum of Ioannina, M883

Edition: Rosenberger/DOL

Text constituted from: DVC (facsimile)


DVC 2525B

Diplomatic Text



ἐρωτῆι δὲ καὶ περὶ τῶ σ̣ώματος
[τί] κα ποιήσας hυγιαίνω;


French translation

Et demande au sujet du corps, que devrais-je faire pour devenir en santé?

English translation

And asks about the body what I shall to do in order to become healthy.

German translation

Und fragt über den Körper nach und was ich tun soll, um gesund zu werden.


Cf. 206 A, where Straton asks whether he will get back the money he had lent Aristion.